Kamuli Road, Buwenge Town Council, Kyerinda zone, Jinja Uganda
Mailing address: Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry P.O. Box 4816, Buwenge, JINJA, Uganda East Africa

Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry LTD.
Call our Director Livingstone Ntuyo at +256 75 231 0313 or +256 77 992 3018

Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry LTD was registered in 2020

We believe that all children should have equal rights, irrespective of financial issues or family breakups: Street children are also children, they are not prostitutes or garbage, they need to be told so, and more so put into it.

We have got a vision, and a mission to accomplish, under several objectives, and with God’s help, we will be successful.


To nourish orphans and other vulnerable children, youth and women for appropriate participation in all spheres of life in Uganda.


A strong entity that builds hope and future of orphans and other vulnerable children, prepares the youth and women to cope with the competitive life situation in Uganda.

Overall goal:

To make all orphans and needy live a happy life in Uganda.


  • To provide and maintain a permanent school structure where orphaned and needy children can access education.
  • To construct a shelter to provide a safe and nourishing environment for the total orphaned and needy children.
  • To develop income generating projects to ensure the sustainability of the organization’s programs.
  • To promote awareness of issues related to HIV/AIDS and malaria which are killing parents and leaves the children orphans in the community.
  • To conduct community outreach programs with the purpose of reducing the cause of orphan children.

Meet the Director of BSHM – Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry &
of the school located there Light Junior Primary and Nursery School Buwenge

Mr. Livingstone Ntuyo DIRECTOR

Livingstone, also nicknamed “Bam” is a loving father to his own 3 children but also acts as a father to many that have passed thru Light Junior School & also the currect students attending there. Bam is a very active hardworking, gentleman most gifted in interpersonal relationships that have made SHO Uganda what it is now.

Meet Board Member and Child Care Coordinator


Moses works hard to accomplishment of his roles and duties in SHO. He has to plan well so that we have enough funds for food for the month. He is also trying to watch over the children at school and address any of the needs that they are having. It is a struggle most of the time because the funds are small yet the needs are large. We are privileged to have him on Board.

Meet Board Member and Agricultural Coordinator


Peter is a married man with 9 children. Kalende is a faithful, honest and transparent person whose qualities and modesty merited him for his current position in SHO.
Peter is helping the school to generate incomes in Uganda so that we can meet our future goal of becoming self sustainable.

Some task that Peter is managing are:

A matokee (banana) plantain – a garden of around 450 + banana trees that we are using as a cash crop and also for some changed meals for children.

A cow project where we are milking and raising cows. With the milk we are also using it both as a cash project and also giving milk to the children on Saturdays in their breakfast.

A small chicken project were we are raising local chickens and allowing them to reproduce to later sell them for a profit.

Brian Saunders the President and Founder of Shared Hope for Orphans Worldwide (SHOW) is also a Board Member and International Coordinator for BSHM Uganda

By playing a dual role on the board in Uganda and in the USA, Brian is able to make sure that there is an accountability program in place that allows both programs to grow and all donors are protected. All funds that are sent to Uganda in one month must be accounted for and reported on before the next months funds will be sent. When fund are sent they are addressed what the funds are meant for and when the records come back Uganda must show that they funds were used properly. Also any funds that we brought in from the school also must be reported to the organization in the USA and how those funds were spent.

Brian and wife Kim adopted 2 boys from the Buwenge area in 2015. After seeing the many needs that were at SHO Uganda they were moved to start the Non Profit SHOWorldwide in America and begin teaching sustainable projects in Uganda. Brian visits the school/project on average 2 times each year. But is talking with the director and others on mostly a daily basis.

Feel free to contact Brian Saunders at +1 724-822-1960 with any questions.